How are you coping with the current state of the world?

It’s been a rough few days. Or, to be honest, a rough few months. I’m struggling to find a way to balance my desire to be informed with my utter despondency at the unending negative news cycle. So tell me, how do you manage?

A social media hiatus is always at the top of list of things to do to combat the onslaught of saddening, infuriating, and bewildering information that now streams to our public consciousness a as a matter of fact. As our shared political and social reality becomes more unpalatable, it seems people have also taken leave to be similarly toxic in all the places they take up space–including online.

A man recently dumped a homeless persons belongings in a nearby body of water just because he felt like being an asshole that day. The immensely talented and adorable Millie Brown has been driven off social media due to one of the most hideous and nonsensical online ‘jokes’ I’ve witnessed in my many years of internetting. And my compulsive need to read comments has led me to develop a deeply seeded fear for the collective soul of the human race.

It’s a lot.

As a coping strategy, I’ve previously cut myself off Facebook and Twitter and the online news I read on those channels. But I am always inevitably drawn back because the need to know what’s going seems to hold more weight.

So what do you do to walk that balance and maintain your emotional health? I’d love to hear, especially since–if you’re reading this–you haven’t yet cut yourself off of digital media. Tell me your coping strategies in the comments!

One thing I have found helpful is the always-dependable balm of music. This classic by the legendary Jamaican singer Dennis Brown has recently felt incredibly reflective of my own feelings:



One thought on “How are you coping with the current state of the world?

  1. Very difficult to cut a balance in this today works of information seekers and desperadoes. If you aren’t in the know, you aren’t regarded. So you need to know and the way to know is to stay connected.
    I think personal discipline will help cut a balance but quite difficult


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